Beautiful, dark, ripe, Black cherries infused into premium quality aged Italian white balsamic vinegar. Enliven any dish with this incredible balsamic or give a modern twist to time honored classic like glazing a prime rib or mixing with spinach salad and walnuts. Its rich cherry flavor excels as a means to add flavor to meats, cheeses, and garden salads. Fantastic as a dipping sauce or a ham/pork glaze.

NOLA Blends Black Cherry White Balsamic Vinegar is an ideal item if you're a creative chef. Feature it with your next salad so its full-bodied, and we suggest it as a compliment to any cheddar, feta, goat or blue cheese. Deliciously sprinkled over sliced orange wedges, and a good salad accompaniment especially for Sicilian Orange or Onion Salad.